The classical guitar can provide the perfect ambiance for a whole variety of occasions. With the wealth of transcriptions of early lute music, the more romantic guitar repertoire of the last century and the many contemporary pieces that have been written for the instrument, guitar music as a background to an evening or an event can add an unmistakable quality.

Bob was introduced to the guitar 'family' of instruments when his father bought him a ukelele for his 8th birthday. He soon moved on to a six string guitar and went on to play the steel strung guitar, both electric and acoustic, in various popular styles.

He began formal study of the classical guitar in his early thirties progressing firstly through the 'music grade' system and then as a full time mature student at Canterbury Christchurch College from where he graduated with a BA(hons) in music in November 1997.

Besides his graduation and now full time work as a guitar teacher and cabaret guitarist, highlights for Bob over the last 2 years have included a solo classical recital as part of the 1996 Canterbury Festival and an open air solo concert in Dover town centre as part of the 1997 Dover arts festival.

He is currently working towards an MA in performance at Christchurch College in Canterbury.