Matthew has been working as an illustrator for the past 10 years in a variety of different fields. He began as a travel illustrator, going to various expeditions, before coming to London. He has successfully pursued a career in a number of different styles and has specialised as a court artist for TV news, covering such cases as the Scott Inquiry, the Guinness Trial and the Maxwell Brothers. Most of his work has been as a caricaturist attending private parties, conferences and functions producing quick, bright and amusing drawings of guests. It is the sort of entertainment that never fails to go down well and gives an extra spark to any occasion.

"I work at all sorts of functions and it is always nice when I get a group together.
The cartooning becomes a shared activity, and there will be a terrific atmosphere."

Matthews winning style also attracts those who would normally wish to avoid being drawn.

"There can be a natural hesitancy and fear of what I do,
but the trick is to judge the character of who one is drawing,
and shape one's approach to the caricature accordingly.
The most important thing is that the guest is pleased with the end result,
and that they want to take it home as a happy reminder of the occasion."

Just see what some of his clients' have to say

"We found Matthews material to be both witty and delightful.
His style is extremely funny, showing a warm enthusiasm for his work and subject matter."
Graeme Mitchell, Worldview Marketing

"Matthew is a terrific caricaturist who adds the personal touch to the evening,
and is a popular attraction at any company function."
Martin Frost, Division President, Seagram E&A

"Not only did he capture everyone on paper, but he gave everyone so much fun watching him work.
His presence will be required for our Ball in the year 2000."
Stephanie Butcher, Parson Mead School PTA

"Matthew has a real gift for portraying guests imaginatively and with true likeness.
He went down very well and continued to work late into the night,
well past his provisional time, due to the demand."
Caroline Edmunds, ICI