Caricaturist & Illustrator

He has been persuing a career as a caricaturist and illustrator for a number of years.
His talents are constantly in demand at corporate events, functions, private parties, and cruise line ships.
You name it, Neil has probably done it.

He cut his teeth as a caricaturist when, as a freelance advertising designer he was
called upon to "do the honours" to create the "leaving card"?!!, for that someone?!! who was moving on to pastures new from that particular advertising agency.
One day he was head hunted by an entertainments agency to provide his talents at a 40th birthday party.
How he ever made it through that first evening is all a bit of a blur but suffice to say 'I came away feeling a great deal happier and calmer'. Since then he hasn't looked back.

Nowdays it's more of a show and an ice breaker, especially when an audience gathers to encourage him to be outrageous and sometimes a bit cruel. Its all taken in good humour and the spontaneity of the occasion, and nobody has ever complained to him about the end result.