Armstrong Multimedia Arts Academy

The Triple A concept

Imagine a vast, futuristic, Hollywood style complex, the likes of which has never been seen before. A place where innovation and creativity can nurture and thrive. A unique experience bringing employment, education, entertainment and industry together for the first time. It will bring with it a huge cash injection to the local area that will be constantly maintained and regenerated.

This IS the Triple A concept.

So, what is the Triple A concept? It is an idea so simple and effective that you will wonder why it has never been done before. This is a major new development comprising of a state of the art Arena, theatre, cinema, hotel, night-club and casino amongst others.

Just sit back and think for a minute. Try to visualise what this will mean for the local community and beyond. Hard isn’t it? With these state of the art facilities, Kent will finally be able to play host to major theatrical productions, Rock concerts and international conferences. Not to mention the trade fairs, exhibitions and tourism that a high- calibre complex like this will attract. As well as generating enormous wealth within itself, the knock on effect for local businesses will be huge.

But that’s not all. Central to this vision will be the Armstrong Multi-media Arts Academy. Be warned, this is not your average run of the mill stage school or university even. This will be a fresh, vibrant centre of excellence, bringing together, for the first time, expertise from the worlds finest arts, technical, production and managerial talents under one roof.

For far too long now, our students have had to make do and mend. High fees and over specialised courses have meant that Britain’s best have graduated in debt and unrecruitable.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In order to be marketable in today’s cut and thrust world, students need a new style of education, one that encompasses all areas of their chosen profession. Here at Triple A, we firmly believe that education should go hand in hand with professional experience. A graduate, however well qualified is unemployable without the knowledge and insight that can only come with on the job, practical training.

We propose to remedy this situation.

The Armstrong multi-media Arts Academy will be one of a kind. With facilities unrivalled by any university in the world, and the opportunity to study and interact with the leading professionals within their fields.

The campus itself will be unique. As well as the traditional classrooms and studios, our design incorporates full-scale film and television sets, audio and visual editing suites and an animation studio, all with up to the minute computer technology.

In many respects, the academy IS the commercial enterprise. As part of their ‘apprenticeship’ our students will produce their own films, T.V shows, websites, records etc. From conception to finished product, it is their talent that that will earn them their future security in the marketplace. 

These products will then be sold on to the industry. Links have already been established with major television and record companies with this goal in mind.

Copyright remains with Triple A whilst ensuring that the students themselves take full credit. The revenue promises to be vast.

An agreed percentage of this revenue will be fed back into a trust fund to provide grants and bursaries to support talented, creative individuals who for solely financial reasons would otherwise be denied their opportunity to study. These students will in turn help to finance others through their contributions to the academy, enabling it to become a self-generating enterprise.

This HAS to be the future.