Triple A Records

An exciting independent record label affiliated to Armstrong Academy with an aggressive, progressive brief to sign top talent across all genres worldwide.

Triple A Records sign talented artists from every genre who take advantage of our unique self help concept. Triple A are in business to facilitate talent through representation, licensing & on-line distribution of music. The Triple A self help concept works for the talented with professional support.

The Triple A Record label is fast becoming one of the UK's top independent labels.

Triple A Records already boasts signing some of the most promising UK acts and bands. Working with well known, established 'digital service providers' such as itunes, napster, od2, mycokemusic, MSN Music, Wanadoo, HMV Digital Downloads, Tiscali Music Club, Ministry Of Sound, Virgin Downloads, BigNoiseMusic, Packard Bell, sony-connect, wippet, tescodownloads, woolworths,, 7digitalmedia, hmvdigital, Virgindigital
our label 
promotes our music worldwide thru on-line sales giving full exposure and maximum profit to Triple A signed artists.

Every kind of professional assistance is available through Triple A from recording studios to pop videos to promotion and sales.

“It’s all about the music”


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